Producs & Services

Past Life Regressions - you do the work with me guiding you. Takes 1-2 hours. $60
Past Life Readings - not as "deep" as a regression and *I* do all of the work. 20-30 minutes. $20

Our Guide and Reader

Rainbow Productions, Inc., is VERY proud to have Bruce Reeves as our primary conduit to the past, present and future.

Bruce has been performing past life regressions for over 20 years. He has been doing readings for the past 15 years.

Past Life Regressions can be a fun way to simply discover who you have been in another life.

Additinally, and perhaps more importantly, they can also help you understand specific things that are happening in your life today.

Isn't time YOU discovered what you've been "missing"? Call today!

Currently, Bruce is primarily located in Houston, Texas but is occasionally in Reynosa, Mexico and McAllen Texas. Most of his work is on an out-call basis - i.e. he comes to you. Readings can happen pretty much anywhere - a park or a coffee shop. Regressions because of the time constraint generally work better at home - although a recliner in a park could work as well.

Readings can sometimes be done remotely. But they always work best when Bruce can have physical contact with you directly - touching hands is generally best.

For more information, e-mail us or call Bruce at 832-724-4183.


A regression is technically a form of guided medatation. It is NOT a form of hypnosis. You will determine a question that you want an answer to. This can be as simple as how have I known Jane in a past life - or What do I need to know to help me better understand X. We then will work our way back through this life, to the time between and then to one or more lives that can help to answer the question. My guides help to point me and therefore you in the right directions for this to happen successfully.


Past Life Readings on the other hand are another method of activating Bruce's psychic self to help you to answer your question(s). Bruce's guides show him things which should hopefully help you to understand better the answer(s) to your question.

In the course of Past Life Readings, Bruce has on occasion gotten communications from the other side .... If you've watched Medium, you know these communiques come at THEIR demand, not his. It is a rare day in the world, that Bruce can summon a dead loved one for you - unless they WANT to be talked to. Just saying, it MAY happen, but don't count on it.

Bruce the Person

If you would like to know a little more about Bruce, feel free to check out his home page.

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